MANIFESTOGioconda Radio overall wants to keep it radio. We want to keep it real. We believe in the power of music and culture and in the magic of music discovering. We have acknowledge the limits of the mainstream fm radios and/or the new huge music streaming services, hoover of everything becoming trend shaping mechanism hijacked by the listening oriented rate logic. Gioconda wants to stand out wanting to help and make music gain power by its own means; by its quality, by its complexity and simplicity. This radio wants to functions as a sort of scanner and mapping instrument used at a local and abroad local level. The result is a cartography, a pin point map of what’s going on the musical and cultural scene. We believe music as an artistic expression and as so the complexity to understand must be backed up by a totally independence stance and not something occurring in the corridors of power, not on the writing desks of producers and composers, but among people triggering basic human emotions that transcend genres or tags.

Gioconda Radio is home to a variety of always growing shows covering topics as music, art, psycho, experimental, talk shows and special programs among many others things. Our goal is to be continually part of the undocumented reality of the city and so create this web space tool where to blend all these variables and see what comes out. Gioconda Radio is a project presenting everything that is coming from, passing through or influencing the musical and cultural scene in Milan. We are always looking at new things around and we like to share it with you.