Gioconda Radio is an online broadcasting platform and a registered local cultural association* presenting everything that is coming from, passing through or influencing the music and cultural scene in Milan. We are always looking at new things happening outside this local reality and so we look inside.
GCND* is home to a variety of always growing shows covering a variety of topics: music, art, psycho-therapy sounds among many others things.

Its goal is to be continually part of the undocumented reality of the city and so create this web space tool where to blend all these variables and see what comes out.
It works together and contribute with different creative realities in order to help increase the chances of new.




Carlos Rosales – Co-Founder & Director

Matteo Bertini – Co-Founder & Art Director



cultural association *




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Legal notes

 Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a creative commons attribution 4.0 international license./ Content produced by gioconda radio will be let to use under creative commons license agreements.
Content in this radio is mixed, uploaded and scheduled to Mixcloud inc and used to it broadcast through the this platform radio player.
Music and podcast on artist pages are play by and a link to gioconda radio mixcloud inc. account, where the content remains as the hosting contract provides .
gcnd | vibes beyond *   does not hold copyrights of any of the content itself.
We do not broadcast commercial music.

Special Thanks to

Lamberto Langella:  http://goo.gl/k0zIdO
Giovanni Savini : giovanni.savini@wimbietech.com
for providing and sharing their videos in this platfrom’s homepage.